Ever since its beginning Dr.Alkaline Puro has been working towards excellence in the field of Alkaline Water Purifiers. We believe in pursuing the business through innovation and technology. At Dr. Alkaline Puro, we believe in delivering much more than just a regular water purifier experience to our users by providing them with a 360° complete water care.

We continuously strive for perfection in developing our alkaline water purifiers. With our dedicated team of professionals we have been able to develop one of the best water purifiers in India. Our water purifiers comes loaded with many state of the art features like:

  • Instant Hot/Cold Water
  • Fruit & vegetable detoxifier
  • 5 to 7 stage filtration
  • LED display with touch screen
  • Advanced UV system
  • Intelligent membrane flushing system

We think of your family…Today & Everyday !

Our Vision

  • To revolutionise the industry of water purifiers by creating high end alkaline water purifiers.
  • A Happy, Healthy and Safe Pollution-Free Environment based on Trust and Lasting Relationships with our Customers.

Our Mission

  • To to spread awareness on the benefits of alkaline water & to help in improving the quality of  Health, Hygiene, Safety and Lifestyle.
  • To cater products and services that reflect innovation, become quality benchmarks and provide real value-for-money.
  • To implement policies and practices that are fair, transparent and constantly improved to maximize customer satisfaction.

Our Values

Customer is the centre of our business | Integrity and highest ethical standards | Mutual Respect and trust in our working relationships | Communication that is open, consistent and two-way | Diversity of people, cultures and ideas | Innovation and encouragement to challenge the status quo | Continuous Improvement, development and learning in all we do

Water is life but Alkaline Water means Healthy Life…

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