The Essential source of Life, without it life cannot be possible. Water is important for all who live on the earth even our scientists searching for the source of water on another planet also. If the water is this important for our survival so it is always an important point of view about drinking clean and pure water.

This is the popular and most valuable topic for scientists to research? There are almost two parties that are divided in the favor of drinking which type of water is suitable for humans. Some of them say Drinking Pure water is best for us, on the other hand, other portions of people support drinking Alkaline water is good for our health. So here I am elaborating on Alkaline water and its importance because most people are aware of the topic of pure water and its drinking benefits.

Alkaline Water

The term ‘Alkaline‘ is related to pH. The pH scales tell the difference between the nature of Acidic and Basic (or Alkaline) things. Those things whose scaling is between 1 to 6 those substances are referred to as Acidic and those who having ratings between 8 to 14 considered Alkaline and pH 7 describe the neutral which is pure water.
Alkaline water pH always lies between 8 or 9. Alkaline water considered better than pure water because some researchers say that it helps to neutralize the acid of our body which helps our body to function better. However, the pH alone is not only sufficient to impart substantial alkalinity to water.

Alkaline water has so many claims regarding beneficial components present in it. The normal pure water has a 7 ph value and its formula is simple -H2O. But some advocates of alkaline water say that the Amount of Hydrogen in Alkaline water is more than regular water and that’s why it helps to hydrate our body for a long. Alkaline water also contains some alkaline minerals and negative oxidation-reduction potential(ORP).ORP is helpful to increase the antioxidant of water, the more negative the ORP value, the more anti-oxidizing it is.

There is a number of claims in the market related to health with alkaline water but here we can’t come to the conclusion because the research is still going on. Below I am going to highlight some health benefits of drinking alkaline water. Although if you drink the bottled alkaline water every other day, it won’t specifically affect you if you drink gallons of alkaline water daily, it is surely going to disturb the pH balance of your body and will affect you accordingly. But here I am mentioning some health benefits of alkaline water-

1. As alkaline water has more ORP value, so it has more antioxidizing properties than normal water. So alkaline water has more antioxidants and it helps in anti-aging properties.

2. Those who consumed high -pH water, reduced viscosity by 6.63 percent which is more than the normal purified water, it means blood flowed more efficiently with alkaline water as it increases oxygen delivery throughout the body.

3. Some researchers say that alkaline water is helpful for colon-cleansing properties and it also makes our immune system better.

4. Alkaline water is cancer resistant and also helpful in weight loss.

5. The other benefits of alkaline water includes-Hydration, detoxifying properties, better skin health, also neutralizes the acidity of the body.

6. Those who work out on daily basis and for a long time then the alkaline water helps them to stay hydrated for a long and the various minerals are helpful for maintaining healthy bones.

Alkaline water has some good and really amazing properties to balance our body but it doesn’t mean that you can drink alkaline water on a daily basis or that regular purified water is not best for us. Because remember the research is still going on about this controversy. Drinking lots of alkaline water may have harmful side effects as well. Before switching to alkaline water, it is recommended to consult your doctor first to have a detailed explanation about its Good and Bads.

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