PH Level Balanced

– Alkaline water is known for a higher PH level than plain drinking water and this helps as an advantage to the human body, consumption of alkaline water – higher PH level – neutralizes or balances the acid contaminants in our body. Alkaline water has a PH level of about 8-9, whereas, plain water stands for only a 7. If your body is highly acidic, there is a concern for you to balance the acid in your system so they don’t disturb the harmony of your cells. This means you are more prone to diseases and therefore, alkaline water is the most suitable for you to balance the PH level in your body.

Clearing Out Toxins

– One of the most cardinal approaches of alkaline water is that it detoxifies your body and therefore, removes all the toxins that could make you vulnerable to health diseases. Drinking about 7-8 glasses of alkaline water in a day ameliorates the functioning of your kidney along with building up the PH level of your urine, which is less evident in plain water.

Immunity build Up

– Alkaline water as we know has a higher PH level than plain water and so it detoxifies our system, which leads to building up or strengthening our immune system. If our immune system is strengthened, then we can distinguish the long-term health benefits which were less likely in plain drinking water. Regular intake of alkaline water pushes your body into an alkaline state and boosts up immunity.

Losing Weight

– Consumption of junk foods, creates acidity in our body, resulting in the production of numerous fat cells which is the utmost reason for weight gain in humans. Drinking alkaline water on a regular basis then would maintain the PH level and acid contaminants in our body, avoiding faster or immediate gaining of weight which is not significantly available in drinking plain water.

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