We all have heard from our childhood “no water no life”. Water is the most essential component for a human to survive on earth. Without water, life is not possible. Water has several benefits. Do you know what are the benefits that water has on the human body? Does anyone know how water helps us in leading a good and healthy life? If no, then don’t worry as I am going to discuss “IMPORTANCE OF WATER FOR HUMAN BODY”.

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There are several ways of how water has its impacts on our bodies. Ways in which water benefits us are as follows:-

  1. It helps in creating saliva:- Water is one of the important components of saliva. Saliva also consists of small amounts of electrolytes, mucus, and enzymes. It has an important role in breaking up solid food particles and maintaining one’s mouth healthy. One’s body produces enough saliva with a regular intake of water.
  2. It maintains one’s body temperature:- One needs to stay always hydrated to maintain his/her body temperature. One’s body always loses water by undergoing physical activity and in hot weather. Sweat keeps the body cool but it increases the body’s temperature if one doesn’t replenish the lost water by consuming water i.e. because one’s body loses electrolytes and plasma when it is dehydrated.
  3. It protects one’s body tissues, spinal cord, and joints:- Consumption of water helps in lubricating and cushioning one’s body tissues, spinal cord, and joints. It enables one to enjoy his/her physical activity and also helps to lessen the discomfort caused by diseases like arthritis.
  4. It acts as a medium to excrete waste through perspiration, urination, and defecation:- One’s body uses water to sweat, urinate, and have bowel movements. Sweat helps to regulate one’s body temperature when he/she is exercising or in hot temperature, That’s why one needs to consume water to replenish that lost water due to sweat. One also needs to have enough quantity of water in his/her body system to have a healthy stool and to avoid constipation. Kidneys are one of the most essential components of a human body system for the purpose of filtration of waste through urination. Appropriate intake of water is necessary to make one’s kidney function more effectively and efficiently and to prevent diseases like kidney stones.
  5. It helps in maximizing one’s physical performance:- Drinking plenty of water is essential during any physical activity. Hydration also has an impact on one’s strength, power, and endurance. Not consuming enough water during exercise in the heat results in negative effects which causes diseases like decreased blood pressure, hyperthermia, etc.


From the above, we can conclude that water is most essential for us to grow our physical health by reducing or preventing health hazards and by keeping the body system and immune system strong and efficient to function properly.

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